C2P Programs

CASE certificate

Community Academic Service Entrepreneur Grant (CASE)

Student competition for innovative solutions to address problems in the community with application of classroom learning from varied academic disciplines.

Students receive:

  • A grant to implement their project under faculty supervision
  • C2P Certificate of Distinction
  • Student project summary is published on C2P website.

For information please send an email to: info@c2pf.org

mentorwalk logo

Mentor Walk

This program serves as a touch point for students in school to visit a college campus and be inspired to stay in school by spending some time with college students as their role models along with community and business mentors. For more information visit: www.MentorWalk.org

Email: info@mentorwalk.org

Mentor Walk is a proprietary terminology of C2P.

Campus Community Partnership Award (CCPA)

CCPA Award

Award recognizes best practice of partnership between a campus and community.

Winners receive:

  • Partnership Trophy
  • Certificate of Excellence
  • Award funding

Programs are hosted on a campus.

For information please send an email to: info@c2pf.org

This program is currently in the process of being updated.

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